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Gene's Barber Shop
  1162 E. Highland Ave.
  San Bernardino, CA.

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  Mon Closed
  Tues-Fri 8:30am-4pm
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Year(s) Place City/State
1969 Graduated Barbering College San Bernardino, Ca.
1969-1970 Food Fair Barber Shop Yucaipa, Ca.
1970-1971 Rialto Barber Shop Rialto, Ca.
1971-1979 Pat's Barber Shop San Bernardino, Ca.
1979-1980 John Carlson Styling San Bernardino, Ca.
1980-1984 Jerry's Barber Shop San Bernardino, Ca.
1984-1998 Martell's Barber Shop San Bernardino, Ca.
1998-? Gene's Barber Shop
(formally Martell's)
San Bernardino, Ca.

  Genes barbering experience began in 1969. Gene graduated from "American Barber Colleges" on May 5, 1969.

genes barbering diploma  

With his diploma in hand he started barbering at the Food Fair Barber Shop in Yucaipa Ca. In 1970 Gene moved to a barber shop in Rialto, Ca. where he worked with Joe Perez and stayed till 1971.

Another move to Pat's Barber Shop in 1971 landed him on Del Rosa Ave. in San Bernardino where he worked with Wayne Ikerd and Orville Hyatt.

gene and orville 1972 gene and wayne 1972
Gene(left) and Orville(right) - 1972 Gene(right) and Wayne(left) - 1972

He later bought Pat's Barber Shop from Orville and kept the name as Pat's Barber Shop.

gene cutting childrens hair 1979 gene with happy customers 1979
Gene cutting childrens hair - 1979 Happy Customers - 1979

Gene closed Pat's Barber Shop in 1979 to work with John Carlson, down the street from Pat's Barber Shop, and learn hair styling and perms.

gene styling at johns
Gene at Johns - 1979

In 1980 Gene went to work with Jerry Wyley at Jerry's Barber Shop on Highland Ave in San Bernardino.

gene & jerry at jerrys 1986 gene at jerrys 1986
Gene(right) & Jerry(left) - 1986 Gene at Jerry's - 1986

Then in 1984 Gene moved to work with Bill Martell at Martells Barber Shop which was down the street from Jerry's.

gene & martell 1991
Gene(left) & Bill(right) - 1991

In 1998 Gene bought Martells Barber Shop and renamed it to Gene's Barber Shop.

gene outside at martells gene outside at genes
(In front of Martell's barber shop) (In front of Gene's barber shop)

He also brought on board a veteren barber of 48 years, Gus Lamantia, who works part time.

gus at genes barbershop 1999
(Gus at Genes Barber Shop - 1999)

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